For the 20somethings…

For the 20somethings who think this can’t be life.

I’m grateful for life. Now if only I could figure out what I’m supposed to do with it.
For the undecided, the stagnant, the dreamers not doers, the not-quites, the apathetic and mundane.
We have found ourselves riding the pendulum that rocks us to both extremes – stupidity and enlightenment during times of moving life events that teach and remind us simultaneously. Most times we sit idle in the middle of the two when our world stops moving. This poses a frightening dilemma as we ponder swinging left or right and are even more so afraid of being haunted by stillness. In silence, we face the past failures and missed opportunities that ignited our burned bridges so young in our journeys.

My friends, we have entered the age of the 20s.

We are painting the gray between right and wrong decisions as we feel our way through life. We do not wish to self-reflect. We are young, but old enough to believe we can do what we want, and stupid enough to actually follow through. These are the times of rebellion, fast living, and endless celebration.
But reality has struck.
We see a younger version of ourselves that embodied fulfillment, whisked away in a carefree breeze from day to day. We stand still in disbelief, wondering how we got here and wishing to go back. Maybe if we drank more wine, adulthood will make sense.
We look to our peers who have become best friends with fortune, wondering if we can get on its good side, too. Feelings of inadequacy, the pressure to do more, and be more, haunt us at each dawn and
dusk. But feel comfort in knowing that everyone will experience this slump of mere existence.
The goals we once had we now see as the seatbelts to our livelihoods, holding us down. We dabble with figuring out our beliefs, reliving childhood traumas, chasing dreams that seem unreachable. Because we’ve been told what to do for so long, we are programmed for direction. We are lost and distrust our own intuition, the magic place where risks happen, lessons are learned, and steps are taken
to further self-discovery.
When we used to ridicule those who have tread before us with the lifestyle they chose, we were not yet exposed to life’s ultimatums. Now here we are, facing the same tests of our predecessors, realizing it’s
easier said than done. We’ve never been tested. Our strategy has been stripped naked of all fluffy fantasies: survive first, thrive second. We have been thrown the fastest learning curve — and that’s because we’re all just kids who grew up too fast.

This is life. And while you may be thinking that these moments are supposed to be the best with memories to tell your grandchildren, you find it hard to live in the moment, don’t you?

We are either too consumed with tomorrow or find today just so uninteresting that we let our minds roam free to any place but the here and now.
This is not a how-to guide. A therapy session, maybe, but this is a simple confirmation that you are not alone. No one knows the answer. Age provides perspective, not absolutes.
You don’t have to be the strongest. You don’t have to be the most optimistic. We are not perfect and we do not have to be. You just have to live. Because in living, you will begin to find…and the discoveries will be beautiful, and hopefully, educational. – end –
Photo credit: TrapHealthy Photos
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