Podcasts of Frederick!

Stuck in quarantine?

Check out these local podcasts in the meantime.

Rouge X Royal

Rouge & Royal Show with hosts Mark & Akiyyah. Tune in every Monday as they discuss life, love, faith and more.


Chefs Without Restaurants

Based in the MD/VA/DC region, Chefs Without Restaurants provides a community for independent chefs.

The Stitch & Sham Show

Brought to you by Uhrise, the Stitch & Sham Show feature two co-hosts who talk about current events.

Wtf? – Where’s the Fun?

Angela asks? This podcasts finds the fun in life’s struggles as Angela Cummings digests daily happenings. Listen here. 

The Hot Minimal Mess

Co-hosted by Emily and Rona, The Hot Minimal Mess podcast features two wine lovers who talk about everything! Available on all streaming platforms and Today’s 97.5 FM. #girlswhopodcast

Let’s Ketchup

Community Driven. Authentic. Pioneering. Made in D[M]V. A Podcast by everyday citizens and friends.

The UnCapped Podcast

Host Chris Sands takes you behind the scenes as he gets to know the men and woman who make the craft beverages you enjoy. Uncapped is dedicated to telling the stories of the amazing men and women of the craft beer, spirits, and wine industries.

Greetings from Camp Nightmare!! Every week, Jordan and JB talk about all things horror, from movie franchise breakdowns to covering horror conventions, and interviewing some of the most iconic folks in the horror genre!

The Long Coat Mafia Podcast

A geek podcast with a tongue-in-cheek mafia style. In addition to host-based episodes, it offers SCP readings, creepypastas (called mafiapastas), interviews and more.

Gotta podcast? Drop it below! Happy Quarantine!

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