We’ve all heard the phrase “I need a vacation”…but how many of us actually make and take the time to go on a vacation?

Recently at work I had a coworker say that she’s hesitant to go on vacation because she’ll have to do a lot of work before and after her
vacation to either prep for her vacation, or to catch up on her vacation. I couldn’t fully grasp what she was saying, because I literally go somewhere every other month if not every month. Vacations to me are essential, not only are they an opportunity for me to spend time with myself/family/friends, but it’s a time for me to unwind, experience new sights, cultures, activities and food.

It’s a time for me to add some spontaneity to everyday life and truly reflect the phrases “work to live” or “live everyday like its your
last.” Let’s just think about 3 reasons why vacations and traveling are important and how you can begin your next trip.

1. Vacations are an opportunity to escape your everyday life.

Many people probably have a routine that they stick with everyday- wake up, get the kids or themselves ready for the day, go to school/work, eat at some point throughout the day, run errands, go to sleep, repeat. That life right there is typical. With vacations you can have atypical days. Imagine waking up to the crisp salty beach air in an
oceanfront suite somewhere in the Caribbean. Envision yourself at peace and feeling relaxed as you venture to the all inclusive restaurant for a morning mimosa (maybe even with a shot of Hennessy) and an endless buffet of quality breakfast foods. Then you voyage to the resort’s spa for a massage, followed by a quick walk on the beach
and a dip in the pool. Now elevate that experience by having your best friend/bae or family members by your side. Doesn’t that sound nice? 

Now if that was too relaxing, imagine waking up in Las Vegas, going downstairs to your hotel’s casino winning big and then going on a pool party bus. Stopping at multiple top pool parties in popular Vegas Hotel Pools like the Hard Rock’s Rehab and then ending your night with VIP
service at Drai’s Beachclub & Nightclub. Or maybe you’re more of the foodie type, how about you venture down to New Orleans, LA for some beignets, crawfish, gumbo, hurricane drinks, haunted ghost tours and some gator watching. My point is, however you envision your vacation, there’s a destination to match. And if you have multiple moods that you want to experience while on vacation then you’re able to do
that as well. A vacation is a customizable experience; you’re in control of how you create your vacation memories!

2. Vacations and traveling can be affordable.

Too often I hear people say that they can’t afford to travel or go on vacation because they either don’t have the time or they don’t have the funds. I disagree. In today’s world there are so many options and ways to pay off trips that people don’t truly have an excuse. And let’s not forget the popular phrase “People make time for the things they want to make time for.” I don’t know about you, but I always want to
make time for a vacation. If you’re one of the people who think that vacations are too expensive, think about what you spend your money on regularly. If you’re buying designer bags, designer shoes, eating out every other day, running up bar tabs, booking VIP tables every other weekend or spending your money regularly on other “recreational activities” then you can afford to pay for a vacation. What people don’t
realize is that the hardest part about booking a trip is securing a good flight deal.

Websites like Google Flight or apps like the Hopper app help you to track flights so that when a good deal is available, you’re able to book the flight. What people are also unaware of is that many large hotel and resort chains when you book direct, allow you the opportunity to either pay a one night’s deposit or to guarantee your room reservation with a credit card. Guaranteeing your room reservation with a credit card means that you are not expected to make a deposit and will pay for your full room stay upon check in. Many large hotel and resort chains also have discounts for students or AAA you just have to know how to access the codes, and those discounts can save you money. When it comes to booking activities and or excursions sometimes Groupon is a great place to start, especially for domestic destinations, for international destinations I prefer Viator or to book with my resort/hotel directly if they have partnerships with excursion companies. The most important part about making a vacation affordable though, is the planning and budgeting that you do prior
to the trip and the budgeting that you do while on the trip. Don’t live up your life too much on vacation, that you forget you have to return to your regular life and become “vacation broke.” Budget accordingly so that you can live comfortably post vacation. 

3. Vacations are truly healthy for you.

Vacations serve as mood boosters, a study conducted in the Netherlands showed that planning a vacation increases people’s happiness and impacts their happiness post vacation. Vacations also serve as an opportunity for people to rest. Being able to create your own schedule while on vacation allows you to get the sleep that you
normally desire each morning when your alarm goes off for you to get up and go to work. There are also scientific studies that show that regular vacations help to reduce heart problems and lower stress levels. The health benefits of a vacation also improve your psyche, by allowing you to create unique memories and experiences with your
loved ones. Let the next medication that you take be a vacation.

If after reading this article you’re still questioning whether or not to take a vacation, then feel free to contact me directly at vacayyybae@gmail.com or to follow me on Instagram at @vacayyybae. I’m sure you’ll change your mind, and will decide to instead inquire about how to book your next vacation. For more travel tips, questions and for help planning your next vacation visit my site, www.vacayyybae.squarespace.com .The password for Out40 readers is: “vacayyybae.”


Written by Ashanti Wilson, CEO of Adventures by Natasha.

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