Rona the Renaissance Woman!

“There are certain people who have the magic and certain people who don’t. Just keep going. You’re gonna go through the darkness and confusion and you’re gonna figure out what it is. You can’t rush it. You just have to know you have it. You need to find you and you need to be able to make it work.”

Rona Mensah, the Renaissance Woman.

Check out a blast from the past! OUT40 did a Q&A with radio personality and Maryland Ensemble Theater actress, Rona Mensah! Read an excerpt of the 2015 interview below.

Q: So what would you want to be remembered as (when you leave this planet)?

A: Luckily I think that’s happened. And that’s that I’ve been able to connect with people, make them feel good. This is so silly but when I meet somebody and we’ll hit it off and maybe I’ll just say one little thing and it creates a connection. Somehow it’ll just be the right thing at the right time. And I say something that fits for them, and they say, “You know what? You told me that thing and you didn’t even realize…” Whether it’s on stage or whether it’s a random meeting with somebody…I don’t know I just feel like if I can somehow

Q: What else do you want to accomplish?

A: I wish I knew because it’s all been throw it to the wall and see if it sticks. (Laughing) I don’t know but you know what, to get me where I am now I didn’t have this plan and I couldn’t have planned it any better. I think that’s a good thing.

I DJ in Martinsburg.

I had a co-host on Key 103 and we talked about a variety of things. People on the radio plan what they’re gonna talk about. It sounds natural but it’s planned. That’s the way it happens. We didn’t talk about things that were heavy and serious. I stay away from controversial topics. I’m not talking about politics, I’m not talking about abortion. You know what? There are plenty of places that people can hear that. When people are listening to me, they’re listening for a station that has music, somebody that’s lighthearted and enjoyable to get up to. They don’t want to hear heaviness.

I’m not talking about controversy. I’ve been in it long enough to understand. I know that delicate mind.

Been in radio for 20 years. It’s nuts.


Q: What would be your advice to up and coming radio personalities?

A: You have to work really, really hard and you have to want it. You have to learn what you’re signing up for because it’s not what you think. Actors/actresses, same thing. People think it’s more important to be famous than to have talent.

Anything in entertainment is difficult because there’s so much competition and you have to work hard. Nothing about it is easy.

I like what I have with the MET. We’re a family. We support each other and I’ve learned so much there. I don’t think I’ve reached the max of what I can learn. The fact is, we create original pieces and shows and we’re allowed to explore that. I’m still growing.

Q: So are you more of an actress or radio personality?

A: One is my full time job and one is my…passion. It’s a thing I can’t imagine not having in my life. I can’t imagine not having theater in my life. Radio is something I’ve been doing for 20 years and it’s comfortable for me.

Published: 2015

OUT40 Magazine

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