On Tuesday, the city held a ceremony to change a street name to Scotty’s Bus Lane, an homage to a Frederick legend.


Raymond Scott, one of the pioneers in the local food truck circuit, founded Scotty’s Bus over 50 years ago. The hot dog connoisseur transformed a bus into a diner that traveled all over town and served the community far and wide. His legacy will finally be celebrated for all to see.

Frederick County renamed what was once Scholls Lane in his honor, a street close to where he often parked his bus during his years in business. Watch the ceremony here. 

In addition to the street renaming, former County Commissioner Blaine Young and friends worked with the city to obtain approval for a mural of the legend.

Ronald Layman was awarded the opportunity of painting the legend’s mural across from the historic street. The artist is to begin working on Monday.



Our legends and small-town heroes must be etched in our history for all to remember. Rest in power, Scotty.


Photo Credit: FNP


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