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westEND Music Review: GS1

westEND Music Review Gold Sodium Vol. 1 Ahzay Score: 7.9 Instrumentation: 8.8 Lyrics: 8.2 Delivery: 7.6 Production: 7.8 Cohesiveness: 7.4 Creativity: 7.8 Ahzay is a Frederick based artist that recently debuted his album Gold Sodium in April. The 15-track album is Ahzay's second, after his first, The Routine. In his own words, Gold Sodium is the reflection of success, achievement and…

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On Saturday, June 16th, OUT40 hosted a community block party for the kids within the neighboring areas to celebrate the end of the school year — an event that was almost cancelled to my HOA’s delight. HOA is the Homeowners Association for any neighborhood. Most, if not all, residential communities have them. The HOA’s purpose is…

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