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20 Artists to Watch In 2020

Frederick has the music scene on lock. So many artists are emerging with signature sounds that make up the city’s hip-hop landscape. Let’s see which artists are on the rise this year.   Jayden Valentine Jayden Valentine, a young crooner, arrived on the R&B scene recently with his first debut. In addition to music, the…

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Writer’s Block: Creative Writing for Inmates

As they ushered me through the mechanical gates of the Hagerstown Correctional Institution, I couldn't help but feel a wave of guilty excitement wash over me. But the weight of the metal bars and the stern faces of the guards seemed to suffocate any semblance of hope that lingered in the air. They told me I smiled too much, unfit conduct for a prison. Like an innocent little girl who couldn't be read. Truth is, I was a little girl. I was 21, trying to poker face my way through our first meeting. On the surface, I seemed poised, bold, nonchalant. But deep down I desperately wanted to connect, build, and learn.

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westEND Music Review: GS1

westEND Music Review Gold Sodium Vol. 1 Ahzay Score: 7.9 Instrumentation: 8.8 Lyrics: 8.2 Delivery: 7.6 Production: 7.8 Cohesiveness: 7.4 Creativity: 7.8 Ahzay is a Frederick based artist that recently debuted his album Gold Sodium in April. The 15-track album is Ahzay's second, after his first, The Routine. In his own words, Gold Sodium is the reflection of success, achievement and…

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