The Ratchet Christian.

With Believer and Vlogger, Asmaou

Former Frederick and 40 resident, Asmaou Kay has begun her vlog series: The Ratchet Christian.

The Ratchet Christian vlogs are beauty tutorials for the soul. Millions of people go on YouTube every day to watch makeup and hair tutorials to ensure that they look beautiful on the outside, but how many of those people spend time making sure they feel just as good on the inside? The world isn’t short of beautiful people but it is lacking people of substance and purpose.

I wanted to create a space where people could come make their inner life just as beautiful as their outer lives. Once they finished fleeking their eyebrows they could come fleek those trust issues, and slay those insecurities, and beat those generational curses. All with the word of God. I was one of those empty, purposeless people until Jesus called me out, cleaned me up, and set me free. Then He blessed me with this idea so that He can do the same for others. That’s why I do it. It’s my assignment and my purpose. -Asmaou Kay

Check out her latest episode, “Ratchet Moments” and subscribe here!

Photo Cred: Rhaburn

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