westEND Music Review: Who Am I

westEND Music Review

Who Am I – Anf

The 13-track list projects opens with the voice of Chazz Palminteri, from a classic and sentimental scene in A Bronx Tale.

Score: 7.9

Instrumentation: 8.5
Lyrics: 8.8
Delivery: 7.1
Production: 8.5
Cohesion: 7.9
Creativity: 7.1

The concept of Who Am I explores an array of life experiences the average listener can relate to. The various tracks resonate themes of loyalty, betrayal, friendship, and relationships. “4eva” details the relationship and dynamic between the rapper and a woman in his life. “Dirt On My Name,”  with celebrity feature Rich Homie Quan, expresses double-crossing and deception from family and friends. This is a familiar partnership to Anf fans who have heard their collaborations before. Where one would think this project an autobiographical album, surprisingly, there are a number of odes to women on Who Am I . “Celebration Gang Gang” is a fun track that encourages enjoying the rewards of hard work and success.

Who Am I  shatters the notion of Anf as a popular kid with a narrow lane and audience, and recasts him as a star in waiting, with promise and something to say. It cements him as a far more original artist than other hopefuls from Frederick. At its best, the album is a palette of real emotions, thoughts, and human experiences.

Lyrically, Anf is a thorough storyteller no matter if he chooses melody or bar-for-bar delivery. He’s effective in painting his pictures and providing the interpretation for listeners. Direct, transparent, and open with his pen. In essence, you’ll know exactly how it all went down and how he feels.

The abundance of melodies, singing, and autotune would peak the curiosity of any new fan in discovering the inspiration behind this steady sound choice throughout the album. While it is rumored Meek Mill is one of the rapper’s main influences, the rugged, Philly element isn’t heard here. We wonder where Anf’s other muses lie…

The standout track? Rocket.

The production is especially distinct on tracks like “Call On Me,” and “Don’t.” The guitar twang on “In The Winter” adds unmatched dimension to the otherwise similar-sounding instrumentation throughout the album. These selections are radioworthy based on quality and the mainstream sound many chase but cannot execute.

“My nigga said you want the world and you can have it.”

“Magic 32 Johnson” ends the album with lasting messages of introspection, motivation, and perseverance on making it to the top. Anf reflects on his grandmother, mother, and fallen soldiers in his life. A song meant to inspire, it completes the perfect final touch to a meaningful project.

Anf has invited his city and the world into his purview. The most valuable piece of Who Am I is the takeaway from each song; all contribute to a part of the rapper that make up who he is: personal values, friends, women, success, the fast-life, tragedy and the nuances in-between.

Who Am I is available on all streaming platforms.


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