Frederick has the music scene on lock. So many artists are emerging with signature sounds that make up the city’s hip-hop landscape. Let’s see which artists are on the rise this year.


Jayden Valentine

Jayden Valentine, a young crooner, arrived on the R&B scene recently with his first debut. In addition to music, the singer has the clothing line DaCzar Designs. Watch the video for his single, “Everything,” directed by Yah Yah here.

Kennece the Menace

Recently releasing the “Flohemian Rhapsody” freestyle, Kennece the Menace has been steadily working on his artistry and brand. Apart of the Bankai Records collective, the rapper has been consistent in his craft and we predict an amazing year.

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Tay Gilla

With her latest video, GILLA’S ISL8ND, directed by Prince Chaching, Tay Gilla is off to a dope start. With collaborations with other artists like Iodine P. and Nina Sarafina, Tay Gilla is jump starting her music career by carving her own lane as one of the few woman rappers in the city.

Anarchy Mal

1/2 of Lost Files, the Anarchy kid from Maryland, has been building slowly his empire. His most recent project is [XTRATERRESTRIAL] featuring tracks like “Livid” and “Another Being.”

Lucid Khi

The second half of Lost Files is rapper Lucid Khi. The duo just collabed on the song, “Reloaded.” Last year, Lucid Khi debuted his project Now or Never on all platforms, we look forward to see how he navigates 2020.


In 2019, DaJohn released his projects Hearts Everywhere Relate and Very Rare with single, “Anxiety.” This year, we expect a promotional run of said project with laser focus and strategy. In addition to music, DaJohn found another passion in shoes and introduced his clothing line TRLY GFTD™️. With this new business venture, we wonder how it will impact his approach to music?

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From nameless. to Artisan, the rapper and battle rap promoter has established his name (literally) as a cultivator of the culture. He created a space and platform for local battle rappers to perform including himself. Additionally, Artisan has expanded his reach to starting the Above Elements clothing line, featuring a dope ‘mind over matter’ hoodie. This year, the line up for battle rap is looking promising as Artisan works behind the scenes.

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Hefe Kartel

In the battle rap arena, Hefe has been consistently making a name for himself as a real contender. His most recent battle was against Aim O’ Relly. Now, he scored a match up with popular URLTV battle rap artist Jakkboy at the end of the month. This battle will most definitely put him and his city on the map. We have high hopes for Hefe this year and hopes he takes all the wins.

Paris Price

Leaving 2019 on a high note, Paris Price made great strides on the social media wave and in real time. He rapped his way into rooms like the Sway in the Morning radio show and on tours with Schoolboy Q. So far, he’s only given us singles like, “Calling Me Daddy.” In 2020? Not only are we patiently waiting for an album, we look forward to “a lot more opening performances, solo shows, all that.”

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Iodine P.

Iodine P. started the year off strong with album release last month, Captain Save Her Mouf, featuring tracks “Hella Izim” and “Honey Glazed Pt. 2.” Iodine always keeps us on the edge of our seats with his crazy concepts and 2020 we expect to be no different.

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King Alystackz

Alystackz ended last year on a high with a performance at Bliss Nightclub and the mixtape release, No Excuses, debuting the single “Criminal.” At the top of 2020, Alystackz already dropped his track “Crossroads” while promoting the #RepDaStruggle social media campaign heavy. His grind is unstoppable and 2020 is already off to a great start for King.



Rapper BME SG has been in the rap game for a decade, trying to reach new heights with his music. Apart of BME Entertainment with partner BME NY also known as Bliz Maszi , the two have been traveling and booking shows, ramping up exposure. At the top of the year, BME SE dropped “Shake It,” featuring Mike Binks. Let’s see what the rest of the year holds.

Cold Hands

Matty Cold Hands’ 2019 was a year of building: touring, performances, handshakes, and dap-ups. He scored a spot on Wisdom Court Media’s ‘Seven Days and Seven Nights Tour’ and independently performed throughout the DMV, Pennsylvania and West Virginia — the boy was working. He started the year with the banger, “Simmer,” and debuted video “AllMyFriends” in the last quarter. We can’t wait to see what opportunities 2020 brings for the kid.

Yuckie Chuckie

Yuckie is a Frederick artist who just debuted project, YUCKIE GUERREROas a start to the new year so we anticipate a promo run for the year. Last year, he premiered album, YUCKIE DIO that was well received. With only a year running, he’s determined to make Yuckie a household name.  2020 is #yuckieszn, let’s get it!

Eli 2x 

Eli 2x has been on our radar within the Frederick music scene and beyond. Since 2020 began, he’s been dropping music and even a visual entitled, “No Talkin’” featuring Eman. Eli is definitely an artist to keep your eye on.

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BFG 301

As owner of Rising Radio 301BFG has not only been one of Frederick’s music outlets, but an artist who contributes to the playlist he spins. His most recent drop is the track, “Bluffing.” Check it out.


66flxck is a local artist who premiered the video for song, “Blood,” to start his year! The rapper has been at it for years, making music and “Blood” has gained some traction among listeners. Stay tuned for what he drops next.


infiniteVOID is a rapper whose talent has yet to reach the masses — but we know with the right work ethic, consistency, and projects, IV will be the talk of 2020. His official upcoming release is a 4-track EP titled G.O.D. – (Getting Over Depression) Part 1. You heard it here first!

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[Listen: IV – The F.U. Mixtape]

Steezo Boof

Boof is a young Frederick rapper navigating the underground market. Last year, he debuted his EP, Boof Lee, that was a good listen. We’re curious to see how 2020 will look for Boof. If it’s lit, we gon’ ride the Boof wave this year.

Rosayy Redd

Rosayy Redd has been grinding for some time now. As CEO for Dynasty Records, his most notable work was project Lifted, in 2018. Since then, he has been delving into music consistently, even auditioning for the television talent show Four on Fox. Hard work pays off, and with his perserverance and consistency, we see a promising future for Redd.




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