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What If 40 Built a Wall?

As long as I can remember, 40 has been a pedestrian-friendly side of town. Only one of two in the whole county. From childhood, it was common to see both children and adults alike walk through my complex in many others as shortcuts while en route. It's the 40 way. Natives understand the beauty and bonds that come from a community where foot traffic flows freely, where neighbors wave to each other on their daily strolls, and where the streets feel alive with the rhythm of footsteps.

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Writer’s Block: Creative Writing for Inmates

As they ushered me through the mechanical gates of the Hagerstown Correctional Institution, I couldn't help but feel a wave of guilty excitement wash over me. But the weight of the metal bars and the stern faces of the guards seemed to suffocate any semblance of hope that lingered in the air. They told me I smiled too much, unfit conduct for a prison. Like an innocent little girl who couldn't be read. Truth is, I was a little girl. I was 21, trying to poker face my way through our first meeting. On the surface, I seemed poised, bold, nonchalant. But deep down I desperately wanted to connect, build, and learn.

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