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Discover Frederick’s African American Heritage with AARCH Society Walking Tours

Embark on a journey through time and heritage with the AARCH Society's captivating walking tours of historic Downtown Frederick. Commencing at the AARCH Heritage Center, located at 125 East All Saints St., Frederick, MD 21701, these immersive tours offer an exploration of the local history as it snapshots the historic African American community's cultural landscape.

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Poets’ Corner – Women Warriors

  Step into the vibrant realm of Poets' Corner, a sanctuary within OUT40's domain where local poets breathe life into their original works. In the June installment, we are honored to showcase Slo Mo's evocative piece, "Women Warriors," a poignant tribute narrated by her significant other, Lanai Monroe. As Pride Month unfolds, this collaboration celebrates the resilience, strength, and beauty of LGBTQ+ individuals, resonating with the spirit of inclusivity and pride. Join us in commemorating the diverse voices and stories that enrich our community. #out40

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