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Frederick County Generational Heroes: A Panel Discussion on Local Black History and Culture at Hood College

The Frederick County Generational Heroes event at Hood College was a significant gathering that brought together key figures from the local community to discuss and celebrate Black history and culture. The panel discussion featured prominent personalities such as Frederick County Council member Kavonté Duckett, Civil Rights Activist Waymon Wright, and Joy Onley. The event aimed…

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Tina Harper Brings Splatter Paint to the City – Dream Free Art

Dream Free Art is a vibrant and innovative art studio located in the city's industrial park. This unique space offers a haven for artists of all ages and skill levels to explore their creativity and express themselves freely. Founded by Montgomery and Prince George’s county natives, Tina Harper and her husband Isaac Bentzon, Dream Free Art aims to provide a nurturing environment where individuals can unleash their imagination and create art without any limitations.

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